Totton Family Fun Day - Saturday 9th June, 2018, 1-5pm @ Testwood Rec, Salisbury Road

Displays & Exhibits


We are no longer accepting any requests for stands / displays for 2018. We would however love to discuss opportunities for next year. 

Display Your Organisation, Business or Charity at Totton Family Fun Day

Are you involved in a local business, community organisation, school or charity? Do you want to display what you do to 5,000+ local people? Then consider signing up to run a display stand at the Totton Family Fun Day! Spaces are limited so it’s best to get in touch sooner rather than later. See below for more information about display stands at the day, or complete the form to the right once you’re ready to book your spot. Please note, the Fun Day is a free event for the community, so no monetary exchanges are permitted relating to your display.

Due to the large numbers of organisations now wishing to display what they do at the Fun Day, we require you to fill in details below which will assist us in planning the site. Please wait for confirmation of acceptance from us before planning your attendance. If you are a business, a donation towards the running of the day would be gratefully received.

As part of a charitable organisation we have to be seen to be doing what is in the best interest of the charity. Therefore, we do reserve all rights to accept or otherwise your application according to the policies of the charity. Over the last couple of years we have noted an increasing number of organisations booking and sadly not turning up on the day. In order to avoid this problem we are this year requesting from Charities and Schools a £20.00 deposit, which will be returned to you at your stand on the day.

Please request your application form by emailing

If you have any questions or queries about displays and exhibits at the Totton Family Fun Day, please send an email directly to

By completing the form opposite, you accept that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions for Display Organisers